Whittle-le-Woods CofE Primary School

Young Leaders

Courageous Advocacy

We are proud of our hard-earned accreditations as a school.  Our children are genuinely passionate and articulate about their roles to ‘be the change they want to see.’

Global Neighbour Bronze Award

Young Leaders award


Our Projects

The children have ownership of projects by deciding

  • what to choose
  • what action needs to be taken and
  • evaluating the impact.

As one of the first two schools in the country to receive the Global Neighbours Bronze Award we are now working on the Gold Award. Current projects include Rainforest Action, Eco Bricks and raising awareness about carbon negativity.

For the last three years, our Y4 and Y2 classes have participated in the Archbishop of York Award. Current projects include Water Aid, Guide dogs for the Blind, and Supporting the Homeless.


Ownership of projects

Our Extended Family Project

Save Our World Project

Save Our World Project – Eco Team

Y4 planting trees in the community

Raising awareness. Protecting Trees

The young lady below on the right collected crisp packets washed them and ironed them together to make an insulating blanket for homeless people. The young lady on the left took direct action to support the Little Princess Trust.

Courageous advocacy by Ruby

Courageous advocacy on display

Community clean-up

Tackling World Hunger


During World Autism week, Jack fund-raised an amazing amount.  Charlie raised awareness from a personal perspective. He led two worships explaining how autism affects him and his life. Charlie’s parents were so proud. ‘ We never thought Charlie would be part of an assembly, especially considering he struggled so much when he was younger. Very proud of Charlie and grateful to the school for all they have done to nurture him.’

Charity fundraising

As a school, we have aimed to help groups and communities in challenging times through our fundraising activities.

The Leprosy Mission

Macmillan Cancer Support


Cash for Kids Charity