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Performance Tables, Assessment/Results

Assessment Results

At Whittle-le-Woods Primary School we use assessments to ensure all our children succeed and to further inform our teaching and planning to help them reach their goals.

We are really celebrating our 2023 results- see below.

Please see our end of Key Stage results below.

End of KS2 Attainment 2023 

For progress measures 0.0 is average progress

Reading          Expected Standard 94%  (national 73%)        Higher Standard 43%     Progress Measure +3.4

 Top 8% nationally

Writing           Expected Standard 91% (national 71%)        Higher Standard 26%       Progress Measure +3.6  

Top 5% nationally 

GPS                 Expected Standard 91%  (national 72%)        Higher Standard 29%     

Top 7% nationally

Maths             Expected Standard 89%  (national 73%)        Higher Standard 26%      Progress Measure +2.9

Top 12% nationally

Expected Standard+  combined result (all three EXS+  RWM) 86%   (national 59%) 

Top 3% nationally

Combined Higher Standard (WRM) 20%

End of KS2 Attainment 2022

Reading 83% (National 74%),         Higher Standard 43%

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 74% (National 72 %), Higher Standard 34%

Writing 80% (National 69%)           Higher Standard 23%

Maths 83% (National 71%).              Higher Standard 26%

The school’s Expected Standard combined result was 71% (National 59%)

The school’s Greater Depth combined result was 17% (National %)

These attainment results are all above the national results.

End of KS2 Attainment 2019

The percentages of pupils meeting the expected standard:

Reading 88% (National 73%),    Higher Standard Reading 40% (National 28%)

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 94% (National  78 %),  Higher Standard 40% (National 34%)

Writing 88% (National 78%), Higher Standard 29% (National 20%)

Maths 94% (National 79%). Higher Standard 52% (National 24%)

The school’s Expected Standard combined result was 82% (National 65%)

The school’s Greater Depth combined result was 21% (National 10%)

These attainment results are all above the national results. 

Progress Measures where 0 is the national average: Reading +1.5  , Writing +0.9 ,  Maths +3.7 

In terms of progress scores our pupils also make higher progress that children nationally with the same starting points. Our progress scores for 2019 are given above. A progress score of zero, 0.0, is average progress when compared to children with similar starting points. A  progress score greater than zero indicates that our children have made greater progress than the national picture.

Our Maths progress measure is significantly above national progress.

A fantastic achievement well done ‘Team Whittle’!