Whittle-le-Woods CofE Primary School


Reading Curriculum 



Phonics at Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School is taught across FS (Pre-school and Reception class) and Ks1. Children are given phonic support in KS2 when it is required. We have used the Bug Club Phonics programme for a number of years and this is already accredited with the DFE. Phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (printed letters) are taught and children’s ability to segment words and blend sounds is developed.  Children are also taught ‘tricky’ words which cannot be sounded out. Phonics Bug reading books are selected for children according to the phonics phase within which they are working.

Reading Schemes

We have purchased a reading scheme, Phonics Bug, in which 100% of the words can be decoded for pupils working within and including phonic phase 5. Staff work hard to ensure the books children are given match their phonic development. Children bring home a book for adults to read to them and children are expected to read their phonics readers regularly at home as well as at school. Children can access Phonics Bug books online as well as bring home real books.

Bug Club reading books have been purchased for children across the school and these may be accessed online through the electronic version of the scheme. Not all of these books are decodable. Children are also encouraged to enjoy library time, taking books to read and share at home. We ask that these are returned regularly so that they can be changed for new library books.

The books we use come from:

  • Phonics Bug – Pearson
  • Bug Club – Pearson
  • Varied library books

Ebb and Flo books gifted to classes monthly

Every month a gift-wrapped book is presented to each year group. It is very exciting to unwrap the book and enjoy the surprise. We also encourage parents to buy a book as a gift for the class when it is their child’s birthday rather than giving out sweets. We do many other things to develop a love of books and reading.