Whittle-le-Woods CofE Primary School

Worship and Prayer

Worship is important to me because when you worship I feel like God will answer you and always be there for you.’ Y6 Pupil

‘Worship lets me reach to God and come together as a community. It reminds me of hope for the world.’ Y5 Pupil

We have Collective Worship every day. On Monday we enjoy whole school worship. On Tuesday KS2 pupils have collective worship in the hall and EYFS/KS1 have class worship. The clergy lead whole school worship on Wednesdays. On Thursday EYFS/KS1 enjoy collective worship in the hall and KS2 have class worship. Friday is a time when we all come together to celebrate our achievements as a school family. In addition, each class plans and leads class worship which they deliver to the whole school and their family. 

Recently Y2 led class worship and invited their families in. Here are some of the heart-warming comments

‘It was so moving hearing the children sing and pray together.’

Parents say they witnessed,

‘A feeling of togetherness and love.’

And how wonderful it was

‘Hearing the children ask God to help them flourish.’

Years 3 and 4 led our Easter Worship in the church


A grandparent commented, ‘A wonderful service with the heart of Easter explained so well.’


Praying together as a school family Reflecting on life’s big questions
Celebrating together… …as a school family