Whittle-le-Woods CofE Primary School

RE in our Community

RE Around School

Pupils flourish through the provision of a rich and engaging curriculum which reflects the Church of England statement of entitlement. We follow Questful RE (Blackburn Diocese’s syllabus) combined with Understanding Christianity. The content of this syllabus gives pupils a deeper understanding of Christianity and enables children to explore theological concepts through theological enquiry.

The teaching of RE contributes to our Vision in many ways. Pupils are curious and regularly have opportunities to answer and ask big questions (What if?). As pupils explore these questions they will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God. Learning about Jesus’ life encourages pupils to live out  their Christian values and serve others courageously as Jesus did. Children are encouraged to showcase and use their talents especially to help others.

Our RE curriculum incorporates the teaching of non-Christian faiths and non-religious world views which the children are curious to learn about. Through the teaching of these units, children are encouraged to question and express their own views developing mutual respect and tolerance for those of different or no faith.

RE Displays




Class Books

We use class books to record our responses to worship. 


RE is my favourite lesson (Y4 pupil)

Y4 discussed what makes a church and examined Matthew 16:18. Each child received a ‘rock’ which they used as the foundations to create something special (the ‘rock’ art). The children then  analysed what Jesus meant when he said Peter was the rock on which he would build his church. We had some amazingly insightful discussions. 

Y1 exploring the creation section of the Big Frieze. Y3 designing Sukkots as part of their study of Judaism.

Easter Gardens

‘Easter is the most important time of the year for me. I like to think about Jesus and his sacrifice and all the questions I would like to ask him’ (Y5 pupil) 

Other Faiths and Worldviews

Our children are curious to learn about other faiths and worldviews. ‘It is important to learn about the world, God and Jesus, and what other countries believe in so we do not have an unfair opinion and can respect them.’  (Y6 pupil) This year we have been very lucky to have had lots of visits and visitors in from non-Christian faiths. Y1 are visiting the Synagogue in Southport. Y2 have had a Muslim parent in to talk about Islam and their special book. An Imam visitor came to year 6 to talk about his personal experience of a Hajj pilgrimage and YR, Y4 and Y5 are all planning visits to places of worship. 

Reception class visited the Gujarat Hindu Temple

Our friends from Kenya, Titus and Margaret, came to visit to update the children on their work.


Our children are keen to share their faith.

Our families have taken the most amazing photographs of places of worship from all over the world.